Why coaching?


You feel more confident in your leadership skills and capability

Your team can set and achieve high performance targets

Patient or client satisfaction improves

You become more skilled at negotiating conflict

Your promotion or career opportunities are enhanced

You are able to implement an exciting career plan

And you know you are being coached by someone who understands the perspective of a clinician, with postgraduate training in coaching and membership of the International Coach Federation    

You as a clinical professional

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or allied health practitioner, you take pride in the work you do.  You know you can be better.  In a busy work environment you find it hard to make time to learn, to improve and to expand your skills.  Your team members look to you as a role model and sometimes you know your behaviour falls a little short.  It is hard to prioritise all the demands that are placed on you and you just don’t know where to start.  You know you have some great ideas but you don’t seem to be able to turn them into reality.  With twenty years of clinical experience, Maddi understands the pressures of clinical work.  She can work with you to create clarity and action, getting you moving towards your goals.

You as a team member

Your success at work is dependent on the success of your team.  There may be conflict and miscommunication.  Despite your best efforts you seem to be working against each other at times instead of heading in the same direction.  Even when the team is performing well you have the sense that you could achieve great results, but you are not sure how.  Maddi can help you understand yourself and how to work at your best in your leadership team.

You as a healthcare leader

You need to create a vision for your team and inspire them to follow.  Every day the constant interruptions, emails, meetings and pressures of delivering high quality clinical care mean that you have to put leadership aside yet again and be a manager instead.  You have a team of great people and you want them to perform at their best, but you don’t really understand how to help them do that. The skills you acquired throughout your career now don’t seem applicable to your current challenges, but you don’t know where to look for solutions.  You understand the need to lead with purpose and confidence, but you are not clear how you will decide on the right direction.  Maybe you have just started your new role and feel a bit out of your depth. Maddi can work with you to explore the core values that define you as a leader, and then use that to help you plan your strategies and approach.  She can help you develop a high functioning team, and develop the personal skills that you need to succeed.

You as a career strategist

You reached where you are now with hard work and a sense of purpose.  Now you are at a crossroads.  You want to plan your professional future but there are too many options, or maybe you cannot see any at all.  You have a nagging sense that you could achieve more if only you were able to capitalise on your strengths.  You need to be sure that the choices you make today will enable you to reach your future goals.  Maddi can help you envision the future you want and then develop a plan to get there.

You as an employer of clinician leaders

You need your employees to step quickly and effectively into  their leadership roles.  They are an expert clinicians, but now you need them to lead a team, plan strategy and achieve performance targets.  You want a solution that targets the specific needs of your organisation and your clinician leaders, rather than a generic training course.  Maddi works with clients and organisations to develop a set of mutually agreed goals for the coaching engagement, with measurable outcomes.  Your employee becomes the leader your organisation needs them to be.

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