The coaching process

A coach releases people’s potential by helping their client gain insight into their values, motivators and strengths. Coaching then allows the client to achieve success in a way that is meaningful for them and their professional environment. Coaching is a process of exploring goals, developing a plan and putting it into action.

Maddi Howard is a result oriented and solution focused coach. She is particularly interested in working with medical, nursing and other health professionals in senior and leadership roles. Through an initial process of questionnaire and interview she performs a detailed analysis of the coaching needs of the client in their professional context.  Where relevant, she will also evaluate the needs of the organisation. Depending on the situation she works with the client, or the client and their organisational sponsor, to create an agreed statement of coaching goals, with clearly defined success measures and confidentiality principles.

During the coaching engagement Maddi uses a variety of methods to gain greater understanding of the client, their workplace behaviours and performance and the organisational context in which they work. These are selected in consultation with the client and the organisation. They might include reviewing previous performance evaluations, 360-degree and psychometric assessments.  Maddi is accredited in the use of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and has been trained in its use for applications such as leadership development and team building.  She is accredited to administer the Hogan Assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI) to explore people’s personality, potential derailers, and their values and motivators. She may also confidentially interview selected colleagues with the client’s permission.

Maddi works with clients one on one. Sessions can be face to face, over the phone or using web based video services. Each discussion is driven by the client’s agenda, whilst being focused on the longer-term goals. Using a variety of questioning techniques Maddi helps the client to develop greater awareness of the issues of concern. Together they explore the options, ensuring the client creates an action plan that will be effective, achievable and aligned with the overall goals. Once it is put into action, Maddi works with the client to create enduring change that will be apparent long after the coaching has concluded.

The contribution the client makes during the coaching process is a significant predictor of its’ success. A client who commits to making a change, responds honestly and thoughtfully during sessions and puts into practice the plans they create will be a client who achieves their goals.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. It does not explore past issues other than as a launching point for further action. A coach does not advise the client on strategies or recommend a specific course of action.

Maddi is a member of the International Coach Federation and is bound by the ICF Code of Ethics.