What sort of leader are you?

What sort of leader are you?

Are you the sort of leader who inspires others with a vision and empowers them to work with their team to make it a reality?  Or are you the sort of leader who is so bogged down in interruptions and details that the big purpose is lost in the minutiae of your working day?  Sometimes it is easier to bury yourself in the management tasks than turn your focus to strategy and future direction.  Start with a few simple questions.

What is your core purpose? Consider why you are there, what you are trying to accomplish, what drives you and adds meaning to your life.

What are your core talents? Tapping into your natural strengths will help you determine the ways in which you can contribute most.

What are your core values? These are the standards and guiding principles that are your bedrock.

If you can answer these, you have taken the first step to creating a clear blueprint for yourself as an authentic leader, not a manager.


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